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FAQs for Seat Cover Hammock

1. Question: Will this fit a 2015 accord?

Answer: - Thank you for your interest in our dog seat cover. This cover size of   

              - 54"W x 58"L54''Wx58''L. It fits your car.  

              - I'm sure it will. It fits my 2016 Accord. 

              - I use it in a 2009 Honda Fit, and it has some width to spare.

              - Yes. It’s made to fit many vehicles. Fits my 17 CRV so I don’t see why it wouldn’t fit your 15 Accord.


Seat Cover Hammock

Seat Cover with mesh window

  2. Question: Does it slide around on seats?


Answer: - No 

              - No. It stays in place on the seat because it has a non slip backing and seat anchors.

              - However, the side the dog sits on is a little slippery and my puppy slides a little.

              - Otherwise, a great product. I really like it.  

              - No the back side that goes on the seat has the same coating that is on the rug

                pads you use on wood floors to keep it from sliding around

 3. Question: Would this fit a BMW i535?

Answer: - It will fit in any car that has front and back headrests as that's where the straps go.

              - If you look at the picture carefully, you can see that. 

              - Thank you for your interest in our dog seat cover. This cover size of 54"W x 58" L54''Wx58''L It fits

                 your car.  

 4. Question: Is this washable?

Answer: - Thank you for your interest in our dog seat cover.To protect your product, it is not advisable for

                machine wash.  

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