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FAQs for Dog Training Collar

1. Question: Which dog does the training kit fit? I have a Labrador?

Answer: - Hello, The training collar will fit your Labrador. The collar fits dogs of all sizes with weights of 10lbs-100lbs.                                  The collar will be suitable for any dog ​​within the range of these weights no matter if it is small, medium or large. 


Dog Training Collar

2. Question: Can I set a different level and function to each collar when i have the second collar?

 Answer: - Hello, Yes, it is possible to match each collar to the relevant control option and the intensity and switch

                 between the collars at the touch of a button. Very important emphasis:Before you set the intensity start from

                 the low power and raise each time in one number until you see that the dog responds to know the  minimum

                 response power and not hit the dog with stronger intensities.

Seat Cover with mesh window


3. Question: How does test bulb kit work?

Answer: - Thank you for your interest in our dog training collar.Putting the bulb kit on the  Receiver's metal conductive

                 column, and then switch the shock mode and level of shock,press "Y" button,you will see the bulb light on.

                 It is have instruction in the box. 

              - Use M button to select the bulb then press the Y button. The blue light on the collar should blink to indicate

                that it is working.  Hope this helps.

4. Question: Does the collar itself auto turn off or just the remote? My current collar turns off after 15 mins

                  which makes it a hassle to have to keep checking it.

Answer: - Thank you for your interest in our dog training collar. The Receiver collar still go off until you turn it off. 

5. Question: Is it possible to purchase a second remote for the collar?

Answer: - The device allows for two receivers, not sure about an extra remote. Best to ask the seller.

              - Thank you for your interest in our dog training collar.The remote allows for two Receivers.

              - But not allow second remote to control the collar. 

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