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FAQs for Seat Cover with Mesh Window

1. Question: Can you wash this in the washing machine?

Answer: - Yes, from the instructions enclosed, it can be machine washed and air dry 

              - Yes, and it comes out great. I line dried it. 

              - Yes, it can be machine washable. 

2. Question: is this product free of heavy metals such as lead and mercury?


Seat Cover with mess window

Seat Cover with mesh window

Answer: - Thank you for your interest in our dog seat cover. It is use environmental protection materials. 

3. Question: would this be good for a Chevy sonic?

Answer: - Our pet seat cover hammock size is 54*58 inch, you can adjust the strap, and it will fit for Chevy sonic.

4. Question: Is this waterproof? My dogs gets car sick and sometimes throws up and

                     I need something that won’t soak through to my seat until I pull over.

Answer: - I believe so. 

              - Yes, it is waterproof. 

5. Question: Does this dog seat cover fit a Ford Focus?


Answer: - Thank you for your interest in our dog seat cover.

              - This cover size of 54"W x 58"L. 

              - It can be used your car,but maybe a little big.

6.Question: Does this fit Honda CRV?

Answer: - Easily adjustable and fits my Mazda CX3. 

             - I am sure it will, It is very adjustable and I have used it in my Jeep Liberty and my Kia Sportage.

             - Just love it !!! So does the dog......

             - I installed it into my 2016 Honda CRV. It fits very nicely. 

             - I have a 2018 Chvy Equinox and it fits perfectly. Hope that helps. 

             - Yes, of course. 

7. Question: Will this fit in a Toyota Tacoma ?

Answer: - Fits great.

              - Think so good product use it in small suv. 

              - I don't know about a Toyota Tacoma. The one I own fits my SUV Honda CRV.

              - Yes, it fits.

​8. Question: will this fit a minivan?

Answer: - Thank you for your interest in our dog seat cover.

              - This cover size is 54"W x 58" L. It fits your car. 

9. Question: Does the dog slide around on this seat cover?

                    My bulldog stands a lot and love to lean his head on the window.

Answer:  -  No my boxer does not slide around. I do keep a blanket with him though because it can be a little cold

                 due to the fabric. 

               - No. Because I put a blanket on the cover. He is 100 pounds so he lays down a lot. 

               - Thank you for your interest in our seat covers. Our covers do have the side flaps that cover car door.

               - The non-skid backing and anchors keeps the seat cover in place and prevents from sliding around.

               - And with free dog seat belt, you dog won't slide around on this seat cover.

               - I’m so sorry it took me so long to respond. I never check my messages. I have two pit-bulls and they

                 stand, look out the window and move a lot. This seat cover does not slide and worked perfectly for

                 my dogs! 

               - I've got a ~40lb puppy and if he's standing he'll lose his footing if I take a turn too quickly, but he

                 never slides across it. If he's laying down he doesn't move, either. 

More FAQs, please don't hesitate go to our: iBuddy Amazon FAQ's page. 

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